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Backflow preventer
Backflow Preventer Installation & Repair, Mooresville

The City of Mooresville, NC (and a lot of towns and cities) require all commercial and some residential water customers to have a backflow preventer installed.  A backflow preventer helps prevent the city water system from being contaminated if certain conditions occur.  If you don’t have a backflow preventer installed or need your backflow preventer repaired or tested, call All Star Plumbing at 704-528-0996We are a licensed plumber and certified by the City of Mooresville, NC to perform these installations, repairs and testing.  NOTE: Only a licensed plumber or utility contractor can legally install, inspect, service or repair a backflow preventer.

A backflow preventer is required on your water line coming in from the city water lines but is also a good idea to have one on your water heater.  If for some reason your water tank gets low on water it can do damage to the heating elements and can damage the tank requiring it to be replaced.  So, having a backflow preventer installed on your water heater can prevent future unexpected expenses.

Backflow preventer can also be called by other names like backflow valves, dual check valves, and more.

For more information on backflow valves installations and repair, visit this page.

If you have yet to have your backflow preventer installed, call me and I’ll schedule a visit to take care of it for you.

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