Backflow Preventer Installation

Backflow  Preventer Installation Mooresville
Backflow Preventer Installation Mooresville

In 2011, the Town of Mooresville required business owners to put a special valve on their water connections to protect its water supply from harmful substances.  The backflow preventer valve will prevent non-potable water from re-entering the town’s water system.  The backflow ordinance was designed to protect the Town of Mooresville’s water supply from contamination.  The backflow preventer must be installed by a licensed plumber, with the proper permits and inspections in accordance to local and state specifications.

No two people are alike and no two properties are alike; backflow prevention is NOT one size fits all.  We evaluate each property individually with respect to the amount of water being utilized, the amount of backflow pressure and the requirements of Mooresville’s backflow ordinance.  These factors enable us to recommend and install a backflow device that will get the property in compliance and be certified.

At All Star Plumbing, we offer installation, testing /certification and repair of any backflow apparatuses.  Regardless of the structure, we answer all calls for backflow control in Mooresville; we get the property in compliance with the backflow ordinance.  Call us to schedule a certification test or new install.

Backflow in Mooresville is IMPORTANT; it helps keep our potable water safe!


Bob ZaryBnicky
All Star Plumbing