Backflow Preventer Repair

In 2011, the Town of Mooresville required business owners to put a special valve on their water connections to protect its water supply from harmful substances.  These backflow devices are required to be tested and certified on an annual basis, by a NC licensed plumber.

In the event a backflow valve fails to meet the code requirements, it must be repaired or replaced.  Backflow preventer repairs can be simple in some cases; a blockage can be cleared or a failed part can be replaced.  Regardless of the issue with the backflow valve, we can get you in compliance.

If the backflow device can’t be repaired, a replacement must be installed.  We help educate the property owner on the best options for backflow prevention in his building, the usage of the towns’ water and the amount of pressure applied to the valve will determine the best options for backflow valve replacement.  We only recommend backflow devices that will meet or exceed the requirements as specified in the Town of Mooresville’s backflow ordinance.

Regardless of the issue with any backflow preventer in Mooresville, we can address it and get the property owner in compliance with the backflow ordinance.  Call us to schedule a certification test or new install.

Backflow in Mooresville is IMPORTANT; it helps keep our potable water safe!


Bob ZaryBnicky
All Star Plumbing

Backflow Repair Mooresville