Backflow Preventer

My specialty is wastewater, more specifically, backflow prevention and valve devices that prevent wastewater from entering water systems. For your backflow preventer, call Allstar Plumbing Lake Norman, your backflow tester, and let us keep your water clean. Contact Us

When working with a large volume of wastewater or fluids, the system must not fail! Protect the water system and everyone downstream from potential hazards. Use a backflow preventer. Some valves are simply a check valve from the heater, however, simple valves fail. No one wants dirty water. All “potable” water sources should have a backflow prevention system installed to avoid potential hazards. Backflow Repair

If you are on the town of Mooresville water system, you are required to have a backflow preventer/valve installed by a professional and licensed plumber as this is a job that requires a permit. I can handle all the details for you including filing with the Town of Mooresville water department!! I have the required certifications through the state. The permit process takes about a week. Let’s keep your water clean.

Acidic Water
Backflow Testing

We offer after hour testing for your backflow preventer. We offer discounts for multiple devices on the same property. You can depend on us for your backflow testing and prevention needs.