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The BEST Mooresville Plumber!
The BEST Mooresville Plumber!

Testing your existing backflow preventers and/or backflow prevention system annually is required by the Town of Mooresville.  Mooresville is adamant about providing safe, clean water to its customers and backflow testing is a major portion of that program.


A NC Licensed plumber that has successfully completed the certification requirements to:

  • Understand Backflow Assembly
  • Understand Backflow & Backflow Prevention
  • Understand Backflow Field testing Procedures for Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly
  • Understand Backflow Field testing Procedures for Double Check Valve Assembly
  • Understand Backflow Field testing Procedures for Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly
  • Understand Backflow Recordkeeping and Backflow Program Responsibilities

I am certified by the State of NC to perform any and all backflow tester services, which also requires me to attend and successfully complete an annual recertification class in Ashville, NC.

Mooresville is taking your drinking water very seriously!  Heavy fines can be levied on properties that are not in compliance with their backflow program.  If any of this has you concerned about your current stance with our Town, call me for an inspection.

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