Backflow Valve Repair

We are a one-stop shop for all of your backflow valve repair and service needs. All Star Plumbing offers testing and certification. On each backflow certification, we provide complete interior cleaning of the assembly. Backflow-testing

The City of Mooresville requires testing and certification on all backflow devices on an annual basis. This must be completed by a NC licensed plumber. Record keeping and reporting are included.

If the annual backflow test isn’t fully completed in the allotted time, a fine may be levied or even worse the water supply may be interrupted. At All Star Plumbing, we take backflow prevention very seriously. Backflow valve repair and prevention is our specialty!

Upon successful test results, a certification verifying its correct operation is issued to the property owner.  This certification is valid with the city for the forthcoming year. All Star Plumbing guarantees we can get you in compliance with the Town of Mooresville’s backflow ordinance!

A backflow preventer is a special valve placed on water connections to prevent the water supply from harmful substances. It prevents non-potable water from re-entering the town’s water system. We evaluate each property and take into account the amount of water being used, the amount of backflow pressure and requirements of the ordinance. All factors enable us to recommend and install a backflow device that will get the property in compliance and get certified. Backflow-repair

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In the event a backflow valve fails to meet the code requirements, it must be repaired or replaced. It can be simple. A blockage can be cleared and a failed part can be replaced. Help keep our potable water safe. Give us a call today and let’s get you in compliance with the city of Mooresville!

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