Commercial Backflow Testing Statesville NC Mooresville NC Cross Connection

Commercial Backflow testing Statesville NC Mooresville NC cross connection
Backflow Valve Testing Mooresville Statesville

Why do you need a licensed plumber for commercial backflow or cross connection installation, maintenance, inspections and repair?  There are several reasons but the most obvious reason is most all water systems require it.

Cities like Mooresville, NC and Statesville, NC use an approved list of licensed plumbers.  These plumbers have been trained on the particular water systems and the code requirements.  They are responsible for reporting to the city about any action taken.  This is how the cities keep track of these actions.  This also protects you from being targeted by the cities for not complying with their codes.  It’s best to protect yourself by using a licensed and approved plumber like All Star Plumbing.

WHY is backflow prevention important?

It helps to ensure your water is safe.  If these measures are not followed, your water can be contaminated with pollutants of all types.  Under some conditions, there can be a negative pressure in the water system.  When this happens without back flow prevention, water from your home or business will be pulled back into the system.  If there is any liquid that can be sucked back in, it will become part of the water supply.

All Star Plumbing is a licensed and approved plumber for Mooresville and Statesville North Carolina.  Call us and let us protect your water supply with approved backflow prevention!

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