Money Saving Water Heaters in Mooresville

Water Heater
Water Heater

Home appliances can be very expensive to operate, especially ones that were made prior to 2005.  The recent increase in appliance efficiency has every home owner’s attention, especially when the utility bill arrives.  Today I will disclose the most inefficient appliance in most homes and how to reverse the situation of money flowing down the drain or to the utility company.

Water Heaters in most Mooresville and Lake Norman homes are
the largest consumer of electricity of all electrical appliances

These slightly efficient water heaters can easily be converted into efficient models without having to replace the unit.  Here are two simple things that the typical home owner can do to save money without replacing their water heater.  This is especially good news if you rent or lease a home.

  1. Water heater blanket – you can purchase a blanket specifically made to cover your water heater tank and keep enclosed some of the heat generated by the appliance. It’s simple to install and easy to understand how it works.  The blanket will capture the heat and keep a large portion of it from escaping and prevent it from having to be recreated by the heater.  This is super easy to install if your water heater in your basement.
  2. Water heater room – many homes water heater will be enclosed behind a wall in the house. The walls create a small water heater room and insulating that small room will work exactly like a water heater blanket and save money on energy bills.  If you couple the insulated room with a blanket, you get double the protection.

Saving money is easier than most home owners realize, call me to schedule a meeting to discuss your home appliances and plumbing situation, I may be able to save you some money on your utility bill too.


Bob ZaryBnicky
All Star Plumbing