Mooresville Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing

A backflow preventer, AKA backflow valves, allow water and fluids to pass through the valve, but not re-enter, envision a one way street.  The Town of Mooresville requires everyone (especially commercial users of the Towns water) to have one of these valves installed to safeguard their system and their water users.

There are many backflow preventers to choose from, they can be a simple check valve on your water heater. A check valve does not allow water to leave the water heater from the water source (one way street).

A more sophisticated backflow preventer can incorporate of a variety of check valves, water release valves, backflow preventers and air vents. A system of this magnitude would allow for periodical testing to assure workability and compliance. This elaborate backflow prevention system would be found primarily at manufactures and factories, companies that may produce chemicals and/or possibly waste that must be contained and managed. This type of system may be required to stay in compliance with local, state and national laws on waste waters.

Regardless of the size or reason, whether you are a resident on the Mooresville water system, a restaurant, or a manufacturer, if you need help with your waste water compliance, call me for a consultation. I’m a LOCAL & Licensed Plumber in Mooresville!

How do you know if your restaurant or commercial kitchen is in compliance?  Call me for a Backflow Test.  I provide numerous backflow tests every month, it’s the easiest way to know for certain that you are in compliance and will pass inspection.


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