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Quality cost less over time!

All Star Plumbing is the preferred Mooresville Plumber by many people.  It’s a pretty bold statement but we firmly believe that All Star Plumbing is the best Mooresville general plumber for a variety of reasons.

Quality Plumbing – It is one thing to say quality and another to deliver!  We only use quality parts and we double check our work to ensure it is right the first time, this greatly reduces errors and un-necessary return visits.

Dependable – Unfortunately plumbers have a bad reputation for being late, I will not say that we have never been late to a scheduled appointment because things happen we can’t control, but we always call when we see we are going to be more than a half hour late to someone’s home.

Friendly – We really do enjoy what we do and it shows!  When a person is happy the customer can see it and is more comfortable than with someone that is stressed out. Life is short, enjoy it!

Honest – Another unfortunate and undeserved label on plumbers.  This must have happened way before I ever thought of becoming a professional plumber, because I can’t fathom ever being dishonest or misleading to a customer.

Professional – When we arrive at your home you will see our plumbing van, It is  wrapped/decorated with our company information so customers know it’s us.  Also, if their neighbors see our van, they may ask how the experience was.  I get a lot of referrals from happy customers, especially when a neighbor knows we have been in the area.

Courteous – It really bothers me when someone is sarcastic or disrespectful to me or my family, so I really make sure that I am always courteous to my customers.  This is also a trait I embrace with my personal life.  It’s easier to be nice all the time.

These 6 points are ones that I follow on an everyday basis, I have done this for so long it just comes natural anymore and this is why I feel like we are the best plumber in Mooresville!  If you have ever had anything but a pleasant plumbing experience, please consider calling me, my wife will always answer the phone and be very courteous to you.

Bob ZaryBnicky
All Star Plumbing