Mooresville Plumbing Repair by a Licensed Plumber

Mooresville Plumbing Repair by a Licensed PlumberMooresville Plumbing Repair by a Licensed Plumber

Are you looking for a plumber you can trust?  Don’t call just anybody when you can call a Licensed Plumber.

As the sole proprietor of All Star Plumbing, I an a licensed plumber in the State Of North Carolina.  You can search here to find a current copy of my North Carolina Plumbing license.  Just add All Star in the Business Name field then click on the link below to see my current license for the state of North Carolina.

I service residential homes in the Mooresville and surrounding areas with top quality, reliable plumbing services that the homeowners can depend on. I always strive to stay on schedule and budget and if that requires that I hire a helper for a one or two day job, I have a very good one on speed dial.

A large portion of my plumbing work is due to drain blockage or broken leaky pipes. The drain blockage is typically an easy and fast repair, I use a scope that enables me to view inside the pipe to locate the problem and fix it quickly. Drain blockage calls usually takes less than two hours.

My office is based out of Troutman, which is very convenient for servicing the Mooresville area; I can quickly and easily be in Mooresville for a service call.

It is my policy to always answer my phone, unless I am in the middle of a project or talking with a client. If you get my voice mail, please leave me your name and number; I will call you back as soon as possible.


Bob ZaryBnicky
All Star Plumbing