Mooresvilles Mandatory Backflow Ordinance

Backflow Services
Backflow Services

Over four million gallons of water are provided to Mooresville residents everyday.  So, the town has issued a mandatory backflow ordinance to keep the water free of contamination and pollutants in order to provide the safest water possible for its customers.  Click this link to learn more:

The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 protects our drinking water from contaminants.  It requires precautionary measures to be taken.  Backflow prevention assemly is one of these such measures.  The terms Backflow Preventers and Backflow Valves may also be associated.

Here is how a backflow valve works: the water passes through a connection attached to the water line, the connection has a gate or valve that allows the water to flow through. The valve is designed to close when it senses pressure from the water attempting to reverse its path back into the water line. Simply, it prevents the water from draining. This is a very effective method of controlling water and various other fluids such as a sewer line. Imagine the mess that could be caused by a sewer backing up.

I have installed hundreds of backflow valves for water heaters; the convenient valve will not allow the water to exit the heater except through the proper channels. This simple little valve has saved many a water heater service call because if there is no water in the heater, it will malfunction and possibly require replacement or at least the replacement of the heating elements.

Mooresville now requires that all homes have one of these valves installed to save on water and prevent water contamination. This is a very good policy for the town and its customers because it will save them on their water bill.

If you have yet to have your backflow valve installed in your Mooresville home, call me and I’ll schedule a visit to take care of it for you.

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