Mooresville’s Mandatory Backflow Ordinance

Mandatory Backflow Ordinance in Mooresville
Mandatory Backflow Ordinance in Mooresville

Most communities, including Mooresville, have instituted a mandatory backflow ordinance.  What this means is that the town is trying to control water and save money.  Here is how a backflow valve works: the water passes through a connection attached to the water line, the connection has a gate or valve that allows the water to flow through.  The valve is designed to close when it senses pressure from the fluid attempting to reverse its path back into the water line.  Simply, it prevents the fluid from draining back into the system and contaminating the water supply.  This is a very effective method of controlling water and various other fluids such as a sewer line.  Imagine the mess that could be caused by a sewer backing up.

I have installed hundreds of backflow valves for water heaters; the convenient valve will not allow the water to exit the heater except through the proper channels.  This simple little valve has saved many a water heater service call because if there is no water in the heater, it will malfunction, burn up an element and possibly require replacement.

Mooresville now requires that all homes and commercial properties that use town water have one of these valves installed.  This ordinance will save on water and protect the other Town of Mooresville water users from contaminants.  This is a very good policy for the town and their water customers.  Only a licenses plumber will be allowed to pull the permit and install the backflow valves to ensure compliance and safety.

If you have yet to have your backflow valve installed in your Mooresville home, call me and I’ll schedule a visit to take care of it for you.


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