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Do you have plumbing repair service needs? All Star Plumbing is the team to call. There is a difference in saying you are a quality plumber and actually delivering on that promise. Our team is friendly, honest, courteous, dependable and professional. All Star plumbers are ready to handle any of your plumbing repair service issues. If you have ever had anything but a pleasant plumbing experience, please consider calling All Star Plumbing. The owner, Bob, answers the phone and visits your home. Let us do the job so you don’t have to.

From small issues like clogged drains to big issues like clogged pipes All Star Plumbing Lake Norman has got you covered. I always recommend to home owners that they keep a good quality plunger on hand for those late night or emergency situations where the small clog can be loosened enough to restore some water flow. Regardless of the clog you are dealing with, there is only one true solution to clearing your clogged drain. Call the plumber.

We use a camera to investigate the issues inside your pipes. Technology at it’s finest! In most cases the issue is simply buildup of waste that has accumulated on the inside of the pipes. Grease is the most commonly found. It congeals therefore decreasing the efficiency of the plumbing. A good plunger is ok for a small blockage. For grease and major buildup though we need to use equipment that loosens and removes buildup to restore your waters flow to its original capacity. Simple fixes like using drain cleaners can also lead to more expensive issues. Some Chemical drain cleaners can be toxic or explosive. They can damage the eco system inside your septic tank as well as permanently discolor your faucet. Contact Us

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