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Technology and Plumbing
Technology and Plumbing

There have been a lot of changes in the plumbing world, as technology evolves and as we progress to a cleaner and greener world, all of the Licensed Mooresville Plumbers adjusted and upgraded. The digital world makes life much faster and easier, so change is for the better!

Many of the older plumbers do not like change and fight it tooth and nail. I welcome technology and the ease it brings into my business life. So when I learned about the new ordinance the Town of Mooresville enacted regarding backflow preventers, I took it as a positive.

What happened was the Town decided that the issue of polluted water and the health hazards it represents, must be addressed. One of the results was the requirement of a backflow preventer to be installed on all users of the Town of Mooresville’s water supply. Basically, the town wants to protect its water customers from contaminants that could enter into the system and cause a health issue.

Back-siphonage occurs when higher pressure fluids, gases, or suspended solids move to an area of lower pressure fluids. For example, using a straw to drink a beverage; the suction of drink will make the pressure of fluid inside the straw lower, thus, liquid will move from the cup to inside the straw and then up to your mouth. This is an example of an indirect cross-connection — undesirable material is being pulled into the system.

If instead, air is blown through the straw and bubbles begin to erupt at the submerged end, this is an example of back-pressure. If instead of air, natural gas had been forced into a potable water tank, it in turn could be carried to your kitchen faucet. This is an example of a direct cross-connection — undesirable material is being pushed into the system.

That’s where I come in, you must be a licensed plumber to install these backflow preventers, that way it has to be inspected, in other words, it allows the Town of Mooresville to record who does and does not have the proper backflow preventer installed in their home or place of business.

Soon all access to the water supplied by the Town of Mooresville will have backflow valves; this is change for the better!


Bob ZaryBnicky
All Star Plumbing