Questions on Hard Water

Hard Water
Hard Water

Almost all of my work revolves around water, mainly the control of it. Water is essential to our lives and well being, so we must learn how to manage it and utilize it properly. That’s where professional plumbing is so important, I create, manage and/or repair a variety of water related fixtures and appliance for Mooresville residents. Recently, I have been working on water purification systems, installing a whole home system may be a good idea for a homeowner, it can “soften” that hard NC water.

The water in NC is considered by most to be “Hard”, in other words, soap doesn’t foam up very well, and there are water spots on your car if you don’t towel it after a wash. Here are answers to the most asked questions I get about hard water.

Why is my water hard?

Limestone from the earth gets dissolved by our ground water and a chemical reaction occurs to produce carbonic acid, the end result of this chemical reaction is our hard water. There is a very detailed and complicated description of the breakdown of the chemical reaction of water and limestone and carbonic acid, but simply put, limestone is why our water is so hard.

What problems does hard water cause?

The chemical reaction I referred to earlier forms scale. The scale will attach to your water lines and restrict the flow of water. Imagine how cholesterol clogs your arteries and makes your heart work harder, scale does that to your home’s plumbing. Notice the discoloration at your faucets and shower heads and how the faucets do not work as well as they did originally, that’s scale buildup. It damages your water heater too.

What can I do about my hard water?

The best answer is to filter your water. There are a variety of filters available that will do the job, so cost, effectiveness and ease of use are typically what drive the decision on what to purchase. The most effective water filter is a whole home water filtration system; it will protect your home’s pipes and fixtures from the damage hard water causes. I have installed numerous faucet filters, where the water is filtered directly at the faucet. This is a good idea if you are renting or leasing a home.

These are just the 3 most commonly asked questions regarding hard water and filters, there are several good options available. Before running to the big box hardware store and purchasing something you can’t install or will not perform as you expect, call me to discuss your concerns. I will be happy to help.

Bob ZaryBnicky
All Star Plumbing