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Backflow Questions
Backflow Questions

The other day I was installing a Residential Backflow Valve in a Mooresville home, when the neighbor walked up with a few questions.  She was a very nice elderly lady with some excellent questions.  I needed a break so I stopped for a few minutes to chat with her.  The conversation was so insightful that I thought it would make for a good blog entry.  Here are bits and pieces from our conversation.

Neighbor: What are you doing to my neighbor’s home and why?

Me: I’m installing a Residential Backflow Valve; it will protect their water supply coming into their home.


Neighbor: How will it protect their home?

Me: Potable water supplies can get contaminated from the ground or other water storage systems if there is a significant drop in water pressure from a broken water line or some other unforeseen issue.  A backflow valve protects against contaminated water entering the drinking water for the home.


Neighbor: Should I get one too?

Me: Yes, Mooresville residents are actually required to have a Residential Backflow Valve installed if they have an irrigation system.  It is strongly recommended in any case.


Neighbor: Can my husband install our valve?

Me: According to the Town of Mooresville, backflow valve can only be installed by a licensed plumber or utility contractor.  The installation of a backflow prevention assembly requires a plumbing permit.


Neighbor: When can you install ours?

Me: Approximately 1 week or less after getting the permit.

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