Some More About FOG

More on FOG
More on FOG

Here are some answers to a few of the many questions I have fielded regarding Fats, Oils & Grease and/or the control of it.

Q – Can I use Drano in my grease trap?

A: – No, the use of enzymes, emulsifying chemicals, hot water or other agents as a grease abatement method for grease containment devices is prohibited in Mooresville. These chemicals will emulsify the grease, but as the chemical get diluted downstream, the grease will coagulate and cause issues with the water capacity of the pipe and potentially cause a blockage.


Q: – What must I know about FOG as a business owner?

A: – Understand what the inspector will be looking for and learn to alleviate these issues.

The grease trap should be less than 25% full of FOG and solids.

Recordkeeping always pleases the inspector. Keep records of how often you clean the traps and how much FOG is removed each cleaning. Keep these records on site for at least 3 years.


Q: – What potential penalties could occur if I am found in violation of the FOG ordinance?

A: – There are many variables regarding penalties invoked by an inspector, so there is no exact answer to this question. The first offense would probably be a fine or warning or both. Civil penalties and/or a compliance plans submission may also be required. If the business is found to be lacking in the proper equipment to control FOG, installation requirements will certainly be invoked.


In the event your business has been issued a fine or requirement of equipment upgrade, always remember, plumbers are specialists and All Star Plumbing specializes in Backflow Valves and FOG control in Mooresville.


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