What is FOG?



All restaurateurs know and understand FOG and the issues and costs incurred to comply under the state and local laws regarding the management, containment and removal of these food remains.  FOG is important to all individuals, not just those in the food service industry, if these remains enter into the water system, many potential health and environmental issues could arise.

What exactly is FOG?

FOG is the acronym used for the fats, oil and grease associated with the food service industry; these remains are accumulated during normal business operations.  Grease is the most commonly found of the three, with the main concern is it entering into the water system and plumbing.  Grease will congeal as it cools; decreasing the efficiency of the plumbing, which in turn inflates the cost of operation with the inclusion of a professional plumber.

If these FOGs enter into the Town of Mooresville’s water system, everyone could potentially be affected.  Inspectors will always check the control of FOG during every inspection of a restaurant and if found not to be incompliance with the state laws, a heavy fine could be levied.

Every business should develop an effective FOG waste management plan and properly dispose of FOG waste, that’s where I come in.  I install and maintain the backflow preventers that keep the FOGs out of the water system.


Bob ZaryBnicky
All Star Plumbing