What To Do About Acidic Water

Acidic Water
Acidic Water

How do you know if your water is acidic?  Signs of acidic water would be blue or green stains around your copper water line fittings, at the bottom of your bathtub or even in your sink. The acidic water and the copper in the pipes cause a chemical reaction resulting in the stains. Another way is to have your water tested, I can easily do this for you.

OK, I have acidic water, now what?  I recommend installing an acid neutralizer to filter/neutralize your water, it is the most effective and affordable method. An acid neutralizer system for your home will completely stop or significantly slow down the input of acidic water into your home, your appliances and your family. A quality acid neutralizer system will bring the pH of your water to a base 7 or close, thus rendering you and your family clean healthy water.

Why is acidic water bad?  The acid in our water damages the water lines installed in our homes. If you have copper water pipes (most homes do), over time, the acidic water will damage the pipes and cause leaks and we all know what water leaks can cause. The health issues associated with acidic water is another story all together, I will let the individuals in the health care industry to speak on that and I will stay on my expertise which is obviously the plumbing aspect.

How does the system work?  I will install a tank at the introduction of your water, inside the tank is minerals (calcite & magnesium oxide), these are the acid neutralizers. Your water will be forced to flow directly through the mineral filtering/neutralizing system by the design of the tank. The minerals dissolve into the water causing a boost in the pH level by increasing the hydrogen ion concentration in the water.

I have installed dozens of water neutralizing systems in Mooresville, this is not an expensive or extensive project, I will actually do the entire project myself, thus reducing my overhead and your cost. Call me for a FREE Water Test!

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