What To Do For A Clogged Drain

Clogged Drain
Clogged Drain

It never fails, you have a big romantic dinner planned or your in-laws are coming over for lunch or you just have a lot of things to do and the kitchen sink becomes clogged! How frustrating a drain clog can be is greatly measured by how busy and stressful your day is.

Regardless of the situation or the clog, there are effective methods to clear the drain enough to get you through in a pinch; sometime a simple method will work miracles for you. Brand name commercial drain cleaners are always an option and can be effective for small clogs, but they are limited as far as removing an object, grease or a large blockage. It is very tempting to pour these chemicals down your drain, but often times the results are temporary.

A good plunger is worth its weight in gold for a quick fix or to clear a small blockage, but even the very best plungers are worthless when the issue is grease build up. I always recommend home owners keep a good quality plunger on hand for those late night or emergency situations where the small clog can be loosened enough to restore water flow.

Regardless of the clog you are dealing with, there is only one true solution to clearing your drain: Call the Plumber. I use a camera to investigate the issues inside your pipes and in most cases the issue is a buildup of waste that has accumulated on the inside of the pipe. I have equipment that will loosen and remove the buildup and restore the water flow to its original capacity.

Buildup is the most common of all water drain issues and almost every home experiences it. If your water drains slower than it did previously, I can quickly and easily clean the drain lines and restore your homes plumbing back to maximum efficiency.

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